Lobster and Salmon Croquettes

These light and fluffy croquettes feature the best of both seafood worlds! With lobster and salmon, these make for a yummy snack, appetizer or main dish. Total cook time: 20 minutes

Egg Muffin Delights

These egg muffin delights are going to be your new favorite tasty breakfast on the go! Put some protein and fluff back in your life & start your day off right!

Irish Inspired Beef Beer Stew

This robust Irish inspired stew is filled with yummy-ness! Warm beef and veggies with a hint of your favorite beer are sure to be your St.Patrick’s day fave!

Shrimp Mac N Cheese

A classic southern favorite mixed with your favorite seafood and jerk flavors for a kick your tastebuds are sure to enjoy! Total cook/prep time: 40 mins

Homemade Pesto & Marinara Vegetarian Pizza

Fluffy and zesty vegetarian pizza made at home. The mozzarella cheese and pesto flavored sauce against marinara are sure to set your taste buds ablaze. This yummy vegetarian dish is easy, affordable and quick to make right in your kitchen. Prep time : 5-10 minutes.